Roger’s new lease of life

A South Kesteven man says the Wellbeing Service has turned his life around

Roger, 75, who lives alone, received support from the service, delivered by Lincs Independent Living Partnership (LILP), following a fall at home.  As he had not been seen for a few days by friends and neighbours, the police broke into his home to find Roger still on the floor thinking he’d had a stroke.

He said: “I fell in the lounge, and when I came around I thought I had suffered a stroke. In my mind, a large concrete beam was above my head and I thought that if I moved it would fall onto me and would kill me.

“The people in the local pub and my neighbour had not seen me for some time, so they knocked on my window and I shouted to them. They phoned the police and they managed to open the window and climb in.”

After being helped by the police and the local hospital, Roger was referred into to the Wellbeing Service.  The Service worked closely with Roger to understand his situation better and put plans in place to make his life easier.

It was found that Roger was struggling with stairs, didn’t have a working phone line, was making regular trips to the local shops to top up his electric meter and had to walk to find wood to heat his home – which wasn’t enough to provide him with hot water.

The Wellbeing Service caseworker liaised with South Kesteven District Council, who arranged the installation of an extra handrail on the stairs and a grab rail outside the front door to aid Roger’s mobility.  Roger was also supported to contact BT to obtain their basic package, enabling TeleCare, a personal alarm and monitoring service, to be installed.  This means that help is on hand at the touch of a button in an emergency, for example, if he suffers another fall.

The Wellbeing Service caseworker helped Roger obtain the Warm Home Discount and higher rate of Attendance Allowance, even managing to get it backdated, along with more Pension Credit he was due. Roger is now paying for his bills by Direct Debit and says he’s able to afford coal rather than just wood, meaning he’s got hot water.

Roger is also now a member of the local pre-bookable CallConnect bus service, which picks him up from his home when he needs to go out and about.

Roger added: “My life was definitely not as good as it is now. Nowhere near as organised as it is now. I’ve been helped an awful lot.

The service I received has turned my life around. It is completely different to what it used to be like.

“The telephone is handy to keep in touch with my brother, my house is warm and my finances have improved – I’m not worried about money anymore. I’m even now thinking about a small holiday.

“The wellbeing service is A1.”