TigTag is an innovative wearable electronic device. It is simple to use. It uses well established technology in a novel way that provides very high levels of care and reassurance for vulnerable people at home. TigTag is available as a pendant, a wristband, or a clip on broach. It can be used for infants, and vulnerable people of all ages including dementia sufferers, the frail, and the elderly, it has many health and social care applications. TigTag is a wearable lifestyle and care product with potential to be supported by a lifestyle and care service. It is an ‘Assistive Technology’ device in the family of devices that include Age UK alarm pendant, Life line24 device, Buddi wristband, Apple Watch, FitBit wristband, etc.

TigTag is simple to use yet highly sophisticated. It provides several unique and major advances in functionality, applications and uses.  It is the first in the next generation of Assistive Technologies, and is an innovative development of existing technologies such as pendant alarm (Age UK), fall detectors (e.g. Lifeline24, Tunstall), Wander alarms (Buddi).