Our Facilities Management Process

Step 1: Site Inspection


First step to any event, our Installation and Project Management teams perform a venue site inspection to assess the site conditions, specific requirements and restrictions, and the exact location where our units shall be placed (toilets, hand wash stations, showers, etc). Following this visit, we issue the Schedule of Condition Report, describing all findings during the inspection, including environmental and property conditions prior to installation services.

This report has an extremely important role as it assures the Venue hand back to the owner in exact same conditions as found prior to installation, and sets an agreement between all parties: Splashdown, venue owner, event organiser and other relevant stakeholders.


During the Project Development phase for Major Events, the Project Management team from Splashdown and the Organising Committee Functional Areas align every single detail of the project, including types of products and services to be supplied, scope quantities, schedule of installation and operation, budget, and so on. In this phase we also receive inputs and requirements from relevant stakeholders, such as International Federations and local legislation, and incorporate them in our Project Management documentation. From these phase, the most relevant outputs are the Bill of Quantities, Final Budget, applicable legislation and design requirements, Delivery Schedule.

Step 3: Planning & Design

For the Planning and Design phase, we develop the Installation and Hydraulics Plans, considering all inputs from Phase 2 and particular conditions from each venue (existing, temporary, on grass, on sand, environmental impacts etc.). Parallel to the Design development, the Planning Team refines the Delivery Schedule, adjusting the timeline of new products build time (if necessary), coordination with other event`s schedules, and the preparing the Logistics Plan.

Step 4: Delivery Activities

Depending on the size and location of the Event, we use our own fleet of utility vehicles, trucks and forklifts (most of our units can be simply placed with forklifts). Our Delivery and Installation teams are experienced technicians with many years of experience in the event industry.

Step 5: Installation Team

After all units and supporting equipment (pumps, pipes, fittings, etc.) are in place, the Installation team connects our products from the local water supply and into sewer connection or to temporary potable water and waste water tanks. Our innovative vacuum systems have the ability to send waste water long distances safely and within environmental standards and therefore provide the organiser with flexibility as to where to position toilets, which can be located to best suit the client’s site requirements as opposed to being tied to staying with close proximately of an existing sewer connection.


After installation works is complete, the Project Director and Hydraulics Manager perform the commissioning activities, to ensure all products are in perfect condition and functioning properly. Following this inspection, we issue the Hand Over Report, which aims to register the venue and Splashdown’s products installation conditions and to verify compliance to requirements, policies and procedures by Splashdown’s activities.

Water Quality & Management Team

Prior to the start of any event and during operations, the Water Quality Team collects water samples from strategic installation points and take them to an appropriate laboratory to check the quality of the water provided and ensure the health of patrons. The frequency of this activity may depend on different factors and is to be aligned with the client. During the operational period, our Waste Management Team is responsible for collecting waste water from the tanks and disposing of them in licensed water treatment plants.


For the Operational Phase of an event, Splashdown deploys an Operational Team, who are promptly available for any unexpected issues that may arise or simply for frequent maintenance (waste water pump outs, potable water supply, pump daily maintenance, water quality management etc.).
The Service Level Agreement is aligned with the client prior to Commencement of Works.