Team Coaching

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Team Coaching

Teams evolve through different levels of performance and rarely do they achieve the individual and collective awareness without skilled intervention and coaching. A top performing team reaches a level of trust to enable open, challenging conversations to take place based on a sound understanding of collective and individual interests. Sharing a reflective, challenging space shakes the status quo.

Team coaching will often start with individual one-to-one leader sessions to build a picture of challenges, opportunities, positions and responses to organisational, personal and interpersonal needs. Team coaching sessions are often an intervention of semi-structured and emergent themes that are created as a result of engagement within the group. Significant breakthroughs can change or evolve working dynamics to build trust, understanding and common goals, on which future healthy working relationships can be built.

‘Organisations are at their most effective when its leaders take the time to STOP, and reflect. Reflective Leadership helps leaders and businesses to move forward with absolute clarity.’

If you are:

  • A senior team and would like to explore how you work more effectively together
  • A new leadership team, and need to ensure that you get the most from interactions together
  • Aware of engagement challenges as a senior team, and would like to develop into a top performing team

Do get in touch. I’d be happy to talk through what might best support your needs as a professional and forward-looking leader in service of your organisation.

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both within and beyond your role.

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Team Coaching


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