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Tim supervises a number of professional coaches; many who are at Masters Degree / ILM Level 7 level coaching. He also runs a regular invitation led Supervision Group.

Tim also supervises within organisations offering a coaching supervision service on a monthly / ad hoc basis to organisations who would like to gain from the expertise of an external supervisor. Tim engages and challenges within a supportive, contained framework in a way that coaches find builds their confidence and competence. Tim follows the Proctor model of; “Normative, Formative, Restorative”, paying close attention to individual needs within groups.

Tim leads a mentoring team of Masters qualified coaches who support Masters degree undergraduates in their professional coach studies for a top global Business School.

‘Organisations are at their most effective when its leaders take the time to STOP, and reflect. Reflective Leadership helps leaders and businesses to move forward with absolute clarity.’

If you are:

  • A coach who would like a more supportive and challenging supervision experience
  • Responsible for a group of coaches, either permanent or ‘job plus’ coaches, and would like a trial experience of external supervision, and the benefit it can bring

Do get in touch. I’d be happy to talk through what might best support your needs as a professional.

Optimise your ability to engage and lead,
both within and beyond your role.

Executive Coaching

Team Coaching


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