As well as individual boxes, subscriptions are also available as gifts; offering 3, 6 or 12-month options. Children will be excited with anticipation each month to get new activities and find out the next month’s theme. All boxes will be unique and include that month’s edition of the DoodleboxKids comic. All Doodleboxes encourage a child’s learning and development, and parents love them too!


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Monthly Subscription

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Four Expertly-Designed STEAM Craft Activities
+ FREE DoodleboxKids Comic
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Sneak Peek at Next Month’s Theme

Next month’s theme:
Space Odyssey

Four expertly-designed craft activities to improve…
Everything you need to create …
with easy instructions and the DoodleboxKids comic.

As someone who isn’t ‘arty’ at all, Doodlebox has been brilliant! All the instructions are easy to follow and with all materials included, all I have to worry about is remembering to bring the box inside! Kiera gets so excited waiting for the next theme, and usually we both end up learning something. A great way for busy Mums and Dads to bond with their kids.


Busy Working Mum of 1, Kiera

I bought a Doodlebox subscription as a gift for my energetic nephew Alex. Not only does he love creating great art and experiments, but he also loves reading the comic… one of the only times he actually sits still! With most of his birthday toys now abandoned, my gift will keep him entertained for three more months to come. A great present for my little nephew!


Fun Aunt of 1, Alex