We often associate creativity with artists and musicians but creative thinking is the lynchpin of many disciplines, particularly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. The ability to think outside the box and solve problems is what drives the innovation of STEM industries. Contrary to popular belief creativity is not something innate that we are either born with or without- it is in fact a skill that can be fostered from childhood. Teaching our kids to create is an important gift they carry throughout their lives as it facilitates learning, emotional intelligence and their experience of the world. Here are eight simple ways to encourage your child to create:

Provide the resources and tools

If you can provide the tools for creative play the your child’s natural curiousity should do the rest! The key resources for nurturing creativity are time and space. Just a small area, such as table or piece of floor space, can become an island of discovery! A basic kit of art supplies, craft materials, and disused household objects (e.g. newspapers, empty boxes, plastic bottles, rubber bands) is ideal of imaginative projects and experiments. Alternatively a monthly subscription service, such as Trunkaroo, is a perfect solution for time-strapped parents. You can receive creative projects and STEM-inspired activities, along with all the materials required, through the post each month!