Kindness is one of the most valuable traits we can hope for our children to learn. Acts of kindness not only spread happiness but also build self-esteem and reduce stress. Just like other developmental skills kindness is something we can teach and encourage, and of course we must lead by example. Integrating kindness into your daily routine using thoughtful activities will soon see it become second nature for the whole family. Here is a selection of ideas from Trunkaroo HQ to show kiddywinks how much fun kindness can be:

Good Deed Jar

Create a Good Deed Jar for your family and ask your child to record one act of kindness per day. Write the good deed onto a piece of paper, fold it up, and then pop it into the jar. These activities can include anything you have done for other people or that someone else has done for you. Include things like taking care of someone, giving someone a hug, helping with a task, visiting grandparents, or even simply giving a compliment. As the days pass by seeing the jar fill up with kindness will cultivate a feeling of pride for your kids. You can find a great example of a Kindness Jar on Toddler Approved.