Welcome to Doodlebox

Doodlebox was started because we believe that children learn a great deal by playing, creating, asking questions, exploring new ideas and most of all, enjoying themselves!

To make this process delightful, fun and convenient for you and them, we design and send you hands-on projects to help children create, discover, imagine and experiment. With a strong focus on making STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math) interesting and magical, our boxes include everything you need for hours of hassle-free fun and learning. We are on a mission to spark creativity and curiosity in children everywhere and look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Stay curious!
Much Love,
Paige and the Doodlebox Team.

About Doodlebox

Doodlebox designs delightful and enriching hands-on projects for 3-8 year olds and delivers them through a monthly subscription. By providing all of the necessary materials, instructions and ideas in a “trunk”, Doodlebox makes the process of creating, discovering and experimenting magical for kids as well as super convenient for grown-ups. Each box encourages art and science exploration, explores “STEM” topics, is gender-neutral, tested by real kids and approved by developmental experts. By sparking creativity and curiosity in kids everywhere, Doodlebox aims to transform children into mini makers, scientists, alchemists, chefs, explorers and inventors.